If buying a car is not a budget-friendly decision for you at the moment, if you are going to another city by plane, or if your car simply needs repairs, there is a great alternative - car rental. With car rental services, there is no need to come back to being a pedestrian or use annoying public transport. Take a look at the filters at the top of this page. Choose a city, a type of service (chauffeur or taxi), a type of transport (bus, truck or indicate a specific model), choose some necessary details for a convenient ride, like an air conditioner, and get the ultimate list of options to choose from. Here you can also hire limousines for celebrations and parties, different kinds of buses, vehicles for moving and transfer services, backhoes, loaders and other similar machinery, comfortable buses - probably find any existing car rental options. Everything you need is to open a proper advert, contact a user, who published it, and make sure again that on Jiji you can find anything.

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