Jiji offers more than 150 Flat Screen TVs ads. About 30% of all Flat Screen TVs are LG brand, 25% are Samsung brand, 8% are Sony, 4% are Philips, and the rest % are less popular brands like Hisense, GoTV etc. The top supplying regions are Lagos State (60%), Abuja State (8%), Ogun State (8%), Osun State (7%), Rivers State (7%), Oyo State (7%), and the rest are less popular regions. Buy Flat Screen TVs, Plasma or LED TVs on Jiji, simply call or send the message to the Seller.

49-Inch Flat Screen TVs in Uganda

Types: Flat Screen TVs 198 Smart TVs 129 LED TVs 31
Brands: hisense 138 lg 47 samsung 12
49-inch 198 uhd 13 4k uhd 10 webos 6 ultra hd 4
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