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Jiji offers more than 150 Flat Screen TVs ads. About 30% of all Flat Screen TVs are LG brand, 25% are Samsung brand, 8% are Sony, 4% are Philips, and the rest % are less popular brands like Hisense, GoTV etc. The top supplying regions are Lagos State (60%), Abuja State (8%), Ogun State (8%), Osun State (7%), Rivers State (7%), Oyo State (7%), and the rest are less popular regions. Buy Flat Screen TVs, Plasma or LED TVs on Jiji, simply call or send the message to the Seller.

Lg Flat Screen TVs in Uganda

Types: Flat Screen TVs 2393 LED TVs 1344 Smart TVs 311 Decoders 44 3D TVs 13 OLED TVs 3
Brands: lg 2393
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