Beyond any doubt, the chess is one of those highly attractive and widely loved table games of all times. They were played in about 600AD and have since then been accepted as highly intellectual games. It is proved to originate in ancient India. Right from here chess "traveled" to Persia, Islamic nations and finally to European countries. This game got its nowadays' form in Europe solely by the end of the 1500s. This game is probably today's most widespread one loved equally by numerous people regardless their age, gender, nationality or profession. The chess develops a man's ability to think and analyze, be farsighted and sagacious. For playing it, 2 players need a big square-shaped board. The latter, in its turn, is to have 64 small squares (8x8). The chess implies moving the sixteen figures (for every player) so that to checkmate the opponent's king. The king here has the highest importance over other figures. It is protected by the queen and all other figures.

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