• Accounting Finance CV

Accounting Finance CV

Posted 12/11
Kawempe, Kampala, Uganda
2 years
Accounting and Finance Work Experience
USh800,000 - 1000,000
Expected Salary
Job Type
Employment Status
Marital Status
[[('Company Name', Markup("father's House"), 'str', None, 1), ('Position', Markup('Internee'), 'str', None, 1), ('Time Period', 'Sep 2020 - Dec 2020', 'other', None, 1)], [('Company Name', Markup('Flama-uganda'), 'str', None, 1), ('Position', Markup('Case management assistant,'), 'str', None, 1), ('Time Period', 'Oct 2020 - Dec 2021', 'other', None, 1)], [('Company Name', Markup('Gulu Regional Referral Hospital'), 'str', None, 1), ('Position', Markup('Medical helper'), 'str', None, 1), ('Time Period', 'Dec 2021 - Aug 2022', 'other', None, 1)], [('Company Name', Markup('Crystal Hotel,'), 'str', None, 1), ('Position', Markup('Hotel Manager'), 'str', None, 1), ('Time Period', 'Jul 2019 - Nov 2021', 'other', None, 1)], [('Company Name', Markup('Tute General Merchandise,'), 'str', None, 1), ('Position', Markup('Supervisor Retail'), 'str', None, 1), ('Time Period', 'Jan 2020 - Jan 2021', 'other', None, 1)], [('Company Name', Markup('Hope Again International,'), 'str', None, 1), ('Position', Markup('Program Manager'), 'str', None, 1), ('Time Period', 'Jan 2017 - Apr 2020', 'other', None, 1)], [('Company Name', Markup('Ma Computers'), 'str', None, 1), ('Position', Markup('IT Manager'), 'str', None, 1), ('Time Period', 'Nov 2015 - Dec 2017', 'other', None, 1)], [('Company Name', Markup('Electoral commission Uganda,'), 'str', None, 1), ('Position', Markup('Presiding officer'), 'str', None, 1), ('Time Period', 'Aug 2016 - Aug 2016', 'other', None, 1)], [('Company Name', Markup('Sky Net Uganda,'), 'str', None, 1), ('Position', Markup('Data Entry Clerk'), 'str', None, 1), ('Time Period', 'Sep 2013 - Nov 2015', 'other', None, 1)], [('Company Name', Markup('Uganda Bureau of Statistics'), 'str', None, 1), ('Position', Markup('An Enumerator'), 'str', None, 1), ('Time Period', 'Aug 2014 - Aug 2014', 'other', None, 1)]]
Previous work experience
Bachelor Degree: Industrial & Organizational Psychology Makerere University-Kampala, Uganda Diploma: Accounting and Finance East African Institute for Management Science-Gulu, Uganda National Certificate: Uganda Advance Certificate of Education (UACE) Keyo S.S- Amuru, Uganda Certificate: Procurement and Logistics East African Institute for Management Science-Gulu, Uganda National Certificate: Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) Gulu Central High School- Gulu, Uganda Certificate: Computer Applications Rams Gate ICT Solution Center-Gulu, Uganda Certificate: Catering and Hotel Management St. Janani Lowum Vocational Training Center-Gulu-Uganda Certificate: Photography and Film Production Youth Photography Outreach Uganda-Gulu, Uganda Certificate: Primary Leaving Examination (PLE) Laroo Adra Primary School-Gulu, Uganda
Still Studying
communication computer organizational writing team player Time Management Industrial control systems Industrial Equipment knowledge Electronic Industrial Control Systems Industrial Control Troubleshooting Organizational Planning Industrial Emergency Protocols Organizational Leadership Industrial Sheet Metal Worker Industrial System Communication Emotional Intelligence Project Scheduling Bamboo HR Email Management Digital calendars Spreadsheets Cloud-based storage Video conferencing Data entry MS Office Suite
English fluently Luo fluently Luganda fairly Kiswahili Fairly
Highest Qualification
1. Prof. Grace Kibanja- Dean School of Psychology Makerere UniversityEmail: gkibanja@gmail.com, Tel 2.Ms. Nakitto Sarah Gava- School Coordinator School of Psychology Makerere UniversityEmail: sognakitto@gmail.com: Tel 3. Ogenrwot Daniel- Senior Lecturer, Department of Computer Science Gulu UniversityEmail: d.ogenrwot@gu.ac.ug, Tel
An experienced administrator with fair educational and academic background on financial and administrative management. worked with many companies as listed in the resume
USh800,000 - 1000,000
Last seen 1 month
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