• Clerical Administrative CV

Clerical Administrative CV

Posted 03/10
Kawempe, Kampala, Uganda
USh500,000 - 800,000
Expected Salary
Job Type
Employment Status
Marital Status
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Previous work experience
Public Administration
Still Studying
Interpersonal skills. • Teamwork skills. • Leadership skills. • Attention to detail. • Management and organizational skills. • Computer Skills. • Problem-solving and Motivational skills • Communication skills • Flexibility.
Yes English Lugisu Luganda Kiswahili etc
Transcript Certificate in Data annotation, Human rights, Business continuity among others
Highest Qualification
Julius Nguma Senior Trainer and SME Manager at Sama Uganda julius.nguma@kla.samadc.org Susan Nakato Project Manager Sama Uganda susan.nakato@samasource.org
Please have a comprehensive look at my education, work history of data annotation in both image and Lidar and personal skills that I believe qualify me as the best candidate for any position but here are a few of the most important details. I have outstanding research skills and the ability to organize and lead projects efficiently. I am dependable, trustworthy and I always adhere to a strict code of ethics.
I have outstanding computer skills and knowledge of Microsoft Office that includes Word, Excel and Outlook. I have the skills to handle the administrative part of this job such as conducting meetings, documenting all findings and recording the progress of each project.
I have excellent interpersonal and communication skills with the ability to act as liaison between the organization and field team. I have the experience to supervise the crew to make sure everyone is performing their job correctly and that it is being done in an efficient and timely manner. I can also make sure that the crew has everything needed to complete the job as schedule.
I have the ability to work in difficult environments and stressful situations while staying focused and committed to my job. I believe in always presenting myself in a professional and friendly manner regardless of the situation and I thrive to do the best work possible even when working in less than ideal conditions.
I am certain that I have the training, experience and skills that your company is searching for and you can reach me by calling{phone=0772286627}.
USh500,000 - 800,000
Last seen 1 week ago
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