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Wakiso, Kira, 11/06


Company Name
Job Type
Application Deadline
from 23rd Nov onwards
Cleaning the house cooking food washing clothes and ironing keeping the baby clean and safe playing with the baby teaching her english words
Requirements & Skills
Should be above 18years must hold a national id should be loving and kind to kiss should be clean and neat must be speedy you must be respectful and reserved love for kids is the most important thing i consider
Minimum Qualification Requirements
Minimum Experience
1 year
You will be staying with the mother and the baby in a 2bedroom apartment and English is a must.
USh 100,000 - 200,000
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Safety tips
  • Don't pay fees for applying/interviewing
  • Avoid going for an interview at an unofficial office address
  • Do your research and check info about the company
  • Never disclose personal info before you get a job offer