Marketing Managers

Posted 16/01
Ssisa, Wakiso, Uganda
5 years
Advertising and Marketing Work Experience
USh1000,000 - 1500,000
Expected Salary
Job Type
Employment Status
Marital Status
[[('Company Name', Markup('fine fortune products'), 'str', None, 1), ('Position', Markup('field manager'), 'str', None, 1), ('Time Period', 'Feb 2015 - Feb 2019', 'other', None, 1)], [('Company Name', Markup('fine future herbal company ltd'), 'str', None, 1), ('Position', Markup('Director'), 'str', None, 1), ('Time Period', 'Sep 2019 - Dec 2021', 'other', None, 1)], [('Company Name', Markup('ABK medical center'), 'str', None, 1), ('Position', Markup('Overall manager'), 'str', None, 1), ('Time Period', 'Apr 2022 - Jul 2022', 'other', None, 1)], [('Company Name', Markup('Riham restuarants'), 'str', None, 1), ('Position', Markup('sales marketeer in exhibition'), 'str', None, 1), ('Time Period', 'Jul 2017 - Jul 2017', 'other', None, 1)], [('Company Name', Markup('cbs pewosa'), 'str', None, 1), ('Position', Markup('exhibitor'), 'str', None, 1), ('Time Period', 'Oct 2017 - Oct 2017', 'other', None, 1)], [('Company Name', Markup('cultural roots foundation #kabaka wange'), 'str', None, 1), ('Position', Markup('vendor'), 'str', None, 1), ('Time Period', 'Jan 2018 - Dec 2019', 'other', None, 1)]]
Previous work experience
khan high school
Still Studying
senior field marketeer with career evidence, senior driver with career evidence and able fix some mechanical problems in a car even i hold a driving permit, managerial skills cause i have acquired directorate skills for almost 2 years being the director of companies, promotion skills with evidence on cards since 2015 i have been marketing in exhibitions, sales personnel managing sales in riham restuarants at uganda national farmers federation id no. unffe/ 2017, ABK MEDICAL CENTER as overall controller at the facility from the compound to the survaillance room and managing all 7 workers ( doctors and nurses)
english and luganda
certificate in herbalism
High School (S.S.C.E)
Highest Qualification fine fortune products flem beverages company limited twake cmmf pewosa / buganda tourism expo 2017 ministry of tourism tel cultural roots foundation sava mugerwa
I am a creative guy who is willing to co operate with any one with an intention of innovating and making money through practising real practical experience in all fields of work were necessary, i have experienced many influences around the practical field in market, driving, directing, sales and allover customer needs and sales at large
  • Marketing Managers
  • USh1000,000 - 1500,000
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