The coconut oil is health product used in a number of countries despite being manufactured only in tropical ones. However, the main nutritious features of coconut oil users will greatly make use of are as follows:1.Immune system.For strengthening one's immune system, this oil type is to be used on a regular basis. 2.Heart diseases.Though this product is rich in a lot of fats (serves as a reason people mistakenly think it is not good for one's heart health), it can prevent such serious problems concerning one's heart health as the high blood pressure and level of cholesterin. 3. Losing weight. 4.Beauty.Professional beauty salons largely use coconut oil in rejuvenating and beautifying their clients regardless their skin or hair type as this production is perfect for as oily so dry hair and skin. 5. Dental care.This product is rich in calcium which is an important component for keeping one's teeth healthy.

Coconut Oil in Uganda